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Build lasting connections

Communities go way deeper than any social network or sales email ever could. Bring your tribe together and really connect with your people.

Own your community, content and data

Keep your content and members safe. Make sure you can always export all your content and data by owning the platform.

Organize and keep your conversations

Many tools like Slack are either expensive or don’t offer a way to persist your conversations. Keep everything neatly organized and searchable for ever.

Give your members a place for thoughtful and lasting discussions

Why communities are making Playgroup a part of their stack
Outstandingly organized discussions

With a clean interface and its separation into channels and threads, Playgroup allows for an intuitive way of staying on top of all ongoing discussions.

Tailored to the needs of communties

From onboarding videos to custom profile fields, Playgroup's features are the result of listening to what communities need. The result is an engaging community platform without the fluff.

All tech taken care of for you

Playgroup is fully hosted (CaaS), which means you don't have to worry about any tech at all. Backups, security patches, product updates and more, all handled for you.

Playgroup channel structure Playgroup channel structure Playgroup channel structure

Connect your forum to the tools you already use

Keep your members up to date and connect the tools you're already using. With a growing number of integrations to communicate beyond your Playgroup, everybody will know what's going on in the community | See all integrations →


Keep your people in the loop, by automatically cross-posting to Slack when a new thread is created.

zapier-logomark Zapier

Accept new members to your private community, when somebody paid for a subscription and much more.


Automatically send a message to your Telegram group or channel when a new discussion is started.

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Here's what customers are saying

How customers are using Playgroup to power their community

"In the past I've used phpBB and Discourse for my community's forums. They were a pain to maintain and looked terrible. Since I switched to Playgroup, my members are happier and I'm happier!
Justin Jackson, MegaMaker

Using Playgroup to complement Slack

MegaMaker is a community for geeks who love making things: developers, designers, and product people. With an active tribe already using Slack, MegaMaker uses Playgroup for calmer and longer-lasting discussions that can be easily preserved and searched.

See how Justin uses Playgroup

Moving over from Discourse

The community was already using forum software to store longer-form content for years, making it hard to switch. Playgroup comes with an importer for Discourse that preserves all content and users.

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"I've been a moderator with MegaMaker for years and we've switched over from Discourse in a matter of minutes. I love the fresh look and structure Playgroup provides — excited to use it some more!
Jon Friesen, MegaMaker