See what's new and what's being worked on behind the scenes right now

Custom profile fields

You can now add custom profile fields to your community, which means if you run a book club you can ask all of your members for their favorite books by creating a new custom field they can simply fill out in their profile. 💁‍♂️

Links to individual comments 💯

Links to specific comments. Each comment now has its own "hash" which means you can directly link to them and they will be highlighted, making sharing of specific comments 100% easier.

First widgets and frontpage announcements

There are two new widgets available, one for additional text and one for important links, which can be displayed on the right side of the activity view. Above that you now have the option to display a big announcement or welcome message 📣
More widgets coming soon! ✨

Releasing version 1.0 ✨🎉

Version 1.0 of Playgroup is ready for the first brave souls to sign up and use it with their friends, community members and customers. There will probably still be some bugs around to be squashed in the coming updates. Stay tuned!

Suggestions or bugs?

You can always reach out via email or Twitter and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to raise a security relevant issue, please resort to email.