See what's new and what's being worked on behind the scenes right now

Improved search πŸ”

Improved seach queries and general behavious, to better fit the need of communities with a lot of content. The underlying lookups are now favoring exact matches throughout the entire query and generally ignore comments, because they blurred the results more than they were useful in most cases :-)

Public API πŸ€–

First public API routes have landed! This makes it easy to grab all your members data, put them on a map and more. There are also endpoints to automatically create channels and threads, which allows for some neat automations form outside events, to create content inside your communtiy. More to come!

Pretty awesome search ℒ️

Every Playgroup's search is now backed by a dedicated elasticsearch instance, which means searches will be faster, better and more scalable up to tens of thousands of threads and comments. There are some more small improvements around search on the way but this is a big step to give members the best search experience possible!

Drag and drop to order channels πŸ–±

Admins can now drag and drop channels to change the order in which they appear in the sidebar. This gives a little more control over which channels are important and which ones might be less active or used.

E-Mail notifications βœ‰οΈ

Members can decide to receive email notifications when somebody @mentions them or somebody replies to a thread they have created. Those notifications are opt-in, so nobody will receive them unless they specifically alowed to receive them. This paves the way for more engagement through emails later down the road, such as weekly digests.

Read / unread system for threads and channels πŸ‘“

Newly created threads and their parent channels are now marked as unread with an unobtrusive blue dot (channels in bold) that is removed once you've seen the thread. A thread will be marked as unread again, when there's an update after your last visit and channels will be marked as read, once you're caught up with the latest ten threads.
An option to mark the whole channel read is on its way!

Highlight specific threads ⭐️

Moderators can now highlight specific threads, in order to draw some extra attention to specific discussions. A highlighted thread appears above the activity feed and is marked with a little star and a border, so it is easy to spot and potentially receives more engagement than it would otherwise.

A fresh new look is here!

A new landing page and more mature visual design has landed. πŸ’…
The goal here is to better capture the modern vibes as well as communicate more clearly what Playgroup is about and where its strengths are. This will slowly drip into the actual forums as well, as some rough edges certainly still exist.

Optimizations under the hood πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§

A lot of optimizations were made under the hood to improve rendering and load times. Especially initial loads are much faster now and most unnecessary repaints have been fixed. Currently looking at options for more server regions, to speed things up even more πŸ‘€

Better mobile dashboard and changelog

The mobile menu for the dashboard got a little makeover, making it easier to use on smaller devices. First metrics have been added to the dashboard as well β€” more to come. πŸ“ŠπŸ’…

Also, the changelog now shows the date of all changes. Not all changes will appear here but the important ones will.

Password resets

You and your members can now reset your password in case you forgot. We'll send you a magic link with time-limited validity, to make sure only you can reset it. πŸ”‘

Custom profile fields

You can now add custom profile fields to your community, which means if you run a book club you can ask all of your members for their favorite books by creating a new custom field they can simply fill out in their profile. πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

Links to individual comments πŸ’―

Links to specific comments. Each comment now has its own "hash" which means you can directly link to them and they will be highlighted, making sharing of specific comments 100% easier.

First widgets and frontpage announcements

There are two new widgets available, one for additional text and one for important links, which can be displayed on the right side of the activity view. Above that you now have the option to display a big announcement or welcome message πŸ“£
More widgets coming soon! ✨

Releasing version 1.0 βœ¨πŸŽ‰

Version 1.0 of Playgroup is ready for the first brave souls to sign up and use it with their friends, community members and customers. There will probably still be some bugs around to be squashed in the coming updates. Stay tuned!