Getting started

A guide about the basics to help you set up your community and start using it

Creating a new communtiy

When signing up, you will automatically start with our free plan, which means you won't automatically be charged or need t provide any payment credentials when setting up your team. In the first step all we need is your name, email address and password. Choosing a paid plan etc. can all be done at a later stage.

Signup form for Playgroup

Making your community public or private

In step two of setting up your Playgroup, you have the option to choose between a private and a public forum. Public forums are visible to everbody and people only need to sign up, if they want to participate in discussions. Private forums on the other hand are invite-only by default and no content os visible to ouside people. This is a good option for paid communities for example. No matter which way you choose to go, you can always change this setting later!

Sign up step #2 - Public or private community

Signing in to your new community 🎉

Once your community was created successfully, you will be redirected to your subdomain, where you can log in for the first time. As the owner or admin, you can now go to via the menu in the top right corner and start fine-tuning your settings from there.

Playgroup login page example

Creating your first channel

In the sidebar on the left, you can create new channels by clicking the small plus button and following the instructions in the overlay. Channels can be public and private, which means you get to decide who from your community can see them. It is also a good idea to provide a description, to let people know what the overarching topic of that channel is.

Playgroup login page example

Creating your first thread

From the sidebar on the left, you can create a new thread by clicking the button "New thread" on the very bottom. When creating a thread, make sure to supply a title, the actual content and choose a channel to which the thread should be added from the bottom bar. Once you have created a thread, you will automatically be redirected to the finished thread, inside your chosen channel.

Playgroup login page example

Inviting members to a private community

If your community is private, nobody can sign up unless you have whitelisted their email address first. To do that, navigate to the dashboard ( and select "Add Members" in the sidebar on the left. From there you can either manually add/remove email addresses or suppply a simple CSV with addresses to whitelist en masse. Every whitelisted email address is qualified for signup through your usual domain, you also use to sign in.

Playgroup login page example