Setting up integrations

A guide to start using integrations and how to configure them

Important note

Please make sure you have the right permissions before attempting to install any integration. Only admins and owners are allowed to enter the dashboard and are able to install any integration or widget.

Furthermore integrations are only available on our paid plans!

Activating an integration

To set up an integration go to the admin dashboard and from there click on 'Integrations' in the sidebar on the left. There you see all available integrations as well as your API key, which is required to set up some of the integrations. In order to activate one of the integrations, simly click the 'Integrate with X' button next to the one you wish to activate.

Playgroup integrtions

Configuring an integration

Configuration might not be needed/possible for every integration
Once your integration is successfully connected, you will see the button next to the integration's description change into 'Configure XYZ integration'. To configure the integration, simply click that button and follow the instructions in the newly opened overlay.

How to configure an integration

Removing an integration

In order to remove an integration, all you have to do is click on
'Configure XYZ integration', like described above and from there click on the red 'Remove integration' button. No further steps are required and you can set the integration back up at any time.

How to remove an integration