Connect your forum with Zapier

Allow new users to sign up once they paid for a membership or use many more possible triggers to whitelist them


Whitelist users for your private forum in connection with paid memberships

Especially for private forums that are invite only and somteimes even paid it is important to be able to automate the whitelisting of new users. With Zapier you can connect any supported application as a trigger and send over a new user's email address to Playgroup. They will then be able to sign up for your forum instantly, through the login page you already know and use.

Membership platforms such as Podia, Memberful and Patreon are just some examples you could use.

Automatically create new threads

You can use any application as a trigger to create a new thread inside Playgroup. That allows for a great variety of things, such as scheduled reminders, creating new threads via email, cross-posting when you publish something and so much more.